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Monday, August 18, 2014

Is Coffee Ruining Your Marriage? Vintage Wisdom From Sanka

Sanka knew 64 years ago that coffee was a major contributing factor to marriages that were bogged down with fighting and arguing.  And the experts at Sanka had a solution.

I first remember seeing Sanka on my grandparents' kitchen table, nestled on the wooden lazy Susan next to the pill dispenser and the butter plate.  What I didn't know was that it was that jar of Sanka that kept my grandfather from shouting at my grandmother and pointing a surprisingly long finger at her.  It also kept her from jamming her knuckles on her hips and yelling unexpectedly vile phrases in his general direction.  Such, we learn, is the healthy marital benefits of Sanka.

Let's just allow the Sanka experts a chance to prove their point.

And there you have it.  Proof positive!  Sanka will remove those caffeine irritations from your marriage, bringing a halt to fights, ending your need to make rude gestures as you reject your wife's coffee.  No more jumpy, jittery upsetting days for you!  And you won't have to cut back on coffee.  All the worry has been removed.  Even better: Sanka has a new, improved flavor and economy!  What more could you want?  So enjoy your cup of Sanka and the sweet disposition that comes with it.  Your spouse will be glad you did.

(The full Sanka ad ran in Life Magazine, the summer of 1950.  Room With No View does not endorse nor condone the drinking of de-caffeinated coffee.  We prefer to drink the hard stuff: caffeine-soaked coffee.  No matter what it does to our marriage.  We'll take our chances!)

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